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Iugas stands out in the media with sustainable actions

There has never been so much talk about circular economy and sustainability. This is reflected in residential moving services, which also put the environmental focus at the forefront. This work can have a strong impact over time, making everyday customs greener.


Theme that won several media such as the Gazeta 24h portal. Our sales manager, Eduardo Avelar, highlighted in the article the sustainable efforts and actions involved during a residential move. Everything to avoid an increasingly negative environmental impact on the environment, due to materials such as adhesive tapes, plastics and cardboard boxes.


All of the items mentioned above are fundamental when moving, so it is important to adopt sustainable actions at this time, such as the correct process of recycling materials, ending the excess of disposable parts and adopting the green transport system. To read the full article, access the link Sustainability at the time of change - Gazeta da Semana