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Furniture Storage For Your Company

For your company, hiring the Iugas furniture guard can be the answer to the solution of your logistical problems.

In our furniture storage you will find the ideal place to store:

  • Files and documents,
  • Season Decoration (Christmas, Holidays, Mother's Day, etc…),
  • Campaign / Promotions Material,
  • Objects and articles of seasonal use,
  • Equipment and Tools, Machinery,
  • Office furniture,
  • Stock and store displays,
  • IT and marketing items

“All of this in a safe, dry and clean space and flexible contracting”


Hiring our furniture guard may also be the solution for:

  • Temporary storage of articles in campaign,
  • Temporary storage of order (s) for customer (s),
  • Seasonal storage,
  • Support point for the commercial area (quick access to the product),
  • Regional distribution point

Iugas is the ideal partner in solving your space and distribution problems.