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Document Storage

Iugas provides all the storage infrastructure to guarantee maximum security and protection to our customers' documents, ensuring agile and efficient logistics. Integrated solutions are applied for the archiving and management of any volume or type of document existing in its collection, with Web tools that guarantee security, productivity, agility in tracking and retrieving information, in addition to providing management reports. We have the most modern systems for storage, administration and control of documentary collections. Your company's documents are kept in secure warehouses, inside the best quality cardboard boxes, protected with the best structure. Through its own system on the web, the user has access to various applications that make it possible to request services in a practical and safe way, locate documents, register or revise content, as well as generate management reports. The Portal is available on a secure website via the Internet. We have our own fleet of vehicles and emergency services if the user needs transport for the delivery or removal of standard boxes. All requests made are answered on the same day. See our service rules. Instead of the customer using his own resources to make inquiries, we can search and locate specific documents, making them available by sending them by e-mail (digitized file) or by express service. Our methodology provides an effective management of the document's life cycle (categorization and temporality table) until its effective disposal, obeying strict international standards of reliability, safety and respect for the environment. Saving documents is up to Iugas!