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Commercial Moves


To carry out commercial changes, care and a lot of experience are required. Some services are essential for the smooth running of the services: Disassembly, assembly, packaging, unpacking of furniture; Internal removal - transfer of furniture from one floor to another in companies; Lay Out of Commercial ChangesRemovations, adjustments and adjustments in lay-out with trained professionals to monitor and manage all commercial changes; 12 different label colors for sectorization of areas and departments. Our goal is to obtain an adequate identification of the areas, after all our commitment is to deliver everything in the right place; We have specialized architects for making and monitoring all commercial changes; Specialized transport and special teams for the removal of small, medium and large machinery and equipment; Knowledge in transferring collections from schools and colleges libraries including disassembly and assembly of the shelves, packaging of the books in an organized manner, in a defined sequence, unpacking and placement of the books on the shelves; Documents - use of disposable cardboard boxes; Transfer of warehouses; Computer Equipment - poly-bubble plastic packaging and anti-static materials (if necessary) and packaging in boxes of stiff material such as 'marfinite' to avoid damage; Truck equipped with electro-hydraulic platform to suspend heavy equipment; Lifts using cranes;

Iugas has already made commercial changes for several companies in different segments such as, Lucent Technologies, Honda Automobiles, Samsung, Motorola, Eldorado Research Institute, Unicamp, PST Rastreadores, among others.