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Furniture Storage For You

Hiring a furniture guard can be the right answer to the solution of your space problems, giving you back the m2 you need so much in your home.

In the Iugas furniture store you will find the ideal place to store:

Off-season clothing; Sporting goods (ski, surf, kayak, camping items, hunting, fishing, bicycles) Objects for seasonal use Unused objects you want to keep (baby items, collections, furniture, appliances, books, CDs, etc ...) Equipment miscellaneous and travel bags

“All of this in a safe, dry and clean space”

Hiring the Iugas furniture guard may also be the solution for unforeseen events or common problems such as:

  • Home moving,
  • Recover the area of ​​the garage used as a warehouse,
  • Works at home, Rent of the house (custody of personal property),
  • Family increase (need to vacate a room),
  • Guarding property of deceased family members,
  • Need to free up rented room during vacation,
  • Divorce / Separation need to dispose of personal property immediately;

With Iugas you will find the solution to your space problems.