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In cases of vertical and horizontal condominiums, ask the condominium administrator for authorization to leave and / or enter your move; Turn off the refrigerator or freezer the night before the change is loaded. This is only in cases where the change is not delivered on the same day and consumes the open items; Disconnect the electronic devices from the outlet, take CDs and DVDs out of them. Make sure that the elevators are available for the exclusive use of Yugas; In the case of a street or avenue where parking is difficult, check the possibility of saving parking space for the truck, aiming to facilitate the work of our team and greater tranquility and agility to carry out your move; Check the voltage of the sockets at the destination, in order not to damage electronic devices. Our employees do not reconnect the equipment because they do not know the local electrical network.


If there is a need to pack personal items, we recommend that you do so only with non-fragile objects; If you have already packed fragile objects such as cups, plates, decorative objects, Yugas will not have any responsibility;


Do not send anything you may need urgently to the deposit, such as documents, etc .; In the case of storage of refrigerators and freezers, leave them turned off 3 days in advance and with the doors open in order to achieve a good drying, thus avoiding mold and odors.


Make sure that, in the case of construction, it will be ready so as not to cause disruption to the change schedule, such as delays and even damage to furniture; Ask to unpack the items of greatest value and / or concern so that it can be certified that there was no damage. Take care when unpacking the boxes, as there may be small objects between the papers; Separate medications and flammables that must not be packed to be transported in the car; Valuable documents, jewelry and weapons must be separated and transported by the customer; Participate in the change, following both loading and delivery; Clearly identify what should not be taken with the change; After loading, check that all belongings have been properly removed from the place of origin; Exchange the filled gas cylinders for empty ones, so that they can be transported in the trunk in case of travel; For changes between distant cities (100 km or more), payment must be made at the origin, so that our employees do not travel with values; For transportation of cars and motorbikes they must have the documentation up to date and a copy must be provided to Yugas. We are not responsible for live plants For You Residential Moving International Moving Lifting Our Recent Tips Self storage real estate in focus 03/23/2016 Self storage real estate in focus Secovi director and president of Asbrass says that activity is not just about transforming old shed '… Read More 27/09/2011 10 tips to avoid property damage Data from the Central Bank show that the advancement of real estate financing has been driving the growth of… Read More FGTS Balance Limit in the purchase of properties can be expanded 27 / 09/2011 FGTS Balance Limit in the purchase of real estate can be expanded Central Bank evaluates Abecip's proposal to exceed the current value of R $ 500 thousand. Justification…