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Condominium Security: invasions and thefts raise the alert during the move

It is extremely important to be careful with the rate of thefts and robberies in homes. In the last few months, at the end of last year, two houses in the Residencial Zürich Dorf condominium, located in the upscale Parque neighborhood, in Valinhos, were robbed by four armed men. The victims were even tied up while the criminals carried out the robbery.
They fled with belongings and until the publication of this report, no suspect had been located. According to the Military Police, jewelry, watches, cell phones and other objects from residents of two residences were taken. Hiring a good moving transport company helps to avoid problems involving these thefts and robberies. Annually, the losses generated by this type of criminal action have surpassed the billions, with the state of São Paulo being the champion in the number of occurrences.
According to data confirmed by the Secretariat for Public Security (SSP), thefts and robberies of condominiums increased by 11.09% in the state of São Paulo in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2021. There were 2,494 occurrences recorded in the six months early 2022, after the 2,245 between January and June last year. To warn about precautions during a residential move in these locations, our sales manager at Iugas Moving and Transport, Eduardo Avelar, gave an interview to the São Paulo portal Gazeta 24h on how to minimize the risks of criminal attacks.
“Gangs are increasingly specialized and sophisticated in their actions, which makes it more difficult for companies to guarantee the safety of their cargo and, above all, of professionals”, says Eduardo.
In the report, Avelar highlights important points when hiring moving companies, such as having employees with a formal contract, up-to-date documentation, security system in the logistics of delivery and arrival of the fleet. In addition, the manager points out some measures that can be adopted to prevent and avoid these actions, so that your home and family do not suffer from this problem.
Between them: * Hire a company that has been in the market for a long time and has experience in the sector; *It is essential that the employees of the moving company are hired under the CLT regime, in order to have greater control at the time of delivery; To read the full report, visit the link: Condominium security: invasions and robberies raise the alert for protective measures - Gazeta24h