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Growing demand for furniture storage with increased removals

The dream of buying a property in the plant can turn into a nightmare if the builder delays delivery. And if that promotion happened to work or study abroad for a few months, having to go through a process of temporary relocation to another location, without giving up the address of origin, another question is: where to store all the furniture?

Keeping a property just for that is not always possible or financially viable, so a segment that has grown in recent times is that of furniture storage.

Usually offered by companies specializing in removals, the customer can store the furniture in large areas and pay monthly for the space. And the demand for the service is on the rise and the difference in value is huge.


According to the sales manager of Iugas Mudanças (@iugas.mudanças), Eduardo Avelar, demand has grown from 20% to 30% in the company alone in the last three years.

"The real estate market has grown and people are looking for new business", says the manager.

According to data from SECOVI-SP, the demand for larger properties and in the interior of large cities has grown. In a comparison between the 3rd quarter of 2020 and the same period of 2021, real estate purchase prices in some cities in the interior rose by more than 50% from one year to the next.

The storage option comes to help when the customer chooses to store furniture or rent another property. This demand would be a consequence of the delay in the delivery of these works, which leaves many people without a place to store the future furniture, since they have already been programmed for the initial date of delivery of that property.



“Many people try to reconcile the purchase of furniture with the initially agreed delivery date. The problem is when the work of some construction companies is delayed. At that time, it doesn't pay to rent another property, so people hire the storage service, having a much lower expense”, explains the sales manager.




In addition to moving to another place of residence, Avelar points out that the Iugas furniture storage service is also highly sought after by people who are going to live in other states for a certain period or who are going to study abroad and need to deliver the property or put it to lease and has nowhere to leave the furniture. In addition, storage is a solution for storing:


Out of season clothing;


Sports equipment (ski, surf, kayak, camping items, hunting, fishing, bicycles);


Objects of seasonal use Objects that are not used, but that you want to keep (baby items, collections, furniture, appliances, books, cd's, etc...);


Miscellaneous equipment and travel bags;


Recover the garage area used as storage;


Works at home;


Rent of the house (guarding of personal belongings);


Family growth (need to vacate a room);


Custody of deceased family members' assets;


Need to release rented room during vacation period;


Divorce / Separation need to give immediate destination to personal property;


“All this in a safe, dry and clean space”, completes Avelar.


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