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Iugas gains prominence with furniture storage service

In recent years, new apartments and houses with reduced sizes and smaller rooms have become increasingly common. Therefore, in a move or possible renovation, objects and furniture may need to be relocated to other spaces, and if your home does not have this larger space to accommodate what will not be used soon – like those famous mess rooms - , it will be necessary to find another solution. And this is when the furniture storage service may be the most recommended option for you.

“The furniture storage is a space offered by a company for monthly rental, allowing the storage of personal belongings, which are most commonly residential and commercial furniture”, explains the sales manager at Iugas Changes and Transports, Eduardo Avelar, to the portal Gazeta24h @gazeta24h.

This type of service has existed since the 1960s in Brazil and continues to be widely used today. The name initially came with the intention of storing only belongings that people had nowhere to leave. However, currently these types of locations already allow other objects, in addition to the furniture itself, to be stored and are under the responsibility of the contracted company.

“When our customers leave their furniture, it is for a stipulated period, normally used during a renovation, a move or long trips”, points out Avelar.

By choosing to store your furniture and/or personal items in furniture storage, you save a lot of time and money, as you won't need to waste time trying to sell your belongings, nor purchase new items. You also won't need to pay more for a place, such as an apartment or commercial space, for the sole purpose of storing your things.

“We receive requests during renovations and moves of houses or businesses, as they usually take longer than expected. It is ideal that during the period of partial or general renovations, you can count on an environment to store your belongings and store furniture, preventing them from being exposed to possible damage during the renovation, in a safe way”, says the sales manager. “We have a sanitized furniture storage service and 24-hour security. Your furniture, objects, documents or archives will be protected and properly identified for your convenience”, he concludes.

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