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Iugas manager brings tips for protecting furniture

To warn about the losses when facing a residential or commercial move alone, our sales manager, Eduardo Avelar, gave an interview to the porta Hora Campinas providing tips and care at this delicate time, which can generate great losses and stress.

According to the sales manager, one of the biggest mistakes in a residential move is the incorrect handling of boxes, which causes damage, as fragile items can be damaged or even crushed.

“We recommend that if you want to package the products, make sure that fragile objects are protected and well marked so that the team involved handles these boxes with care and fits them on top of heavy objects, such as furniture, televisions, among others”, alert the expert.

According to the expert, hiring a moving company is the easiest option, "as we have adequate transport and a team specialized in change management, not to mention that the process will be very quick if carried out by a hired team", he guarantees. 

Another point is not to pay attention to the disconnection of services. If the move is planned, telephone, cable TV, internet and other services must be canceled so that the person does not pay extra for unused services. “Ideally, everything is canceled on moving day and you feel comfortable in your new home,” he says.

Another mistake that can greatly hinder the organization of your new home is not separating the rooms into boxes. 

“Objects from different rooms in the same boxes cause a lot of problems. This mix of objects and consequently the lack of organization makes the moving process longer, not to mention that it can facilitate the loss of objects, and even the breakage of fragile objects”, says the expert.

Ideally, one room at a time should be packed correctly, which makes it easier to move in and stay in the old residence for the last few days”, concludes Avelar.

The report also highlights the importance of safe logistics, appropriate packaging, qualified professionals and organization before and after the move.

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