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Small companies are responsible for market growth with almost 70% of hires





1.378 / 5.000


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A survey developed by Sebrae, based on data from the Novo Caged (General Register of Employed and Unemployed), reveals that micro and small companies (MSEs) were one of those responsible for the positive balance in job creation in February. According to the Sebrae survey, small businesses were able to hire 220,000 new jobs.
This number represents 67% of the jobs generated in the period, including enterprises of all sizes. Sector and activity that was highlighted in the section Sua Chance of the Bom Dia Cidade newspaper on EPTV Campinas, which showed the importance of micro and small companies in hiring manpower and creating vacancies, being responsible for 7 out of 10 hirings in the country.
In the interview, the owner of Iugas Moving and Transport, Vandré Marques, analyzed the current market and the chances of growth in the second semester in the moving and furniture sector, resulting in an increase in the number of employees.
“We realized that there are many changes taking place in people who are looking for quality of life and who are relocating better spaces, causing our segment to heat up, especially companies in the hybrid system, which are relocating space. This makes our segment on the rise”, says Vandré.
Watch the full interview via the link