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Sustainability at the time of change

There has never been so much talk about circular economy and sustainability. This is reflected in residential moving services, which also put the environmental focus at the forefront. This work can have a strong impact over time, making everyday customs greener. When moving, a lot of effort is required from all parties, in addition to generally generating a negative environmental impact, due to materials such as adhesive tapes, plastics and cardboard boxes.
Our sales manager, Eduardo Avelar, gave an interview to the Gazeta da Semana portal. All the items mentioned above are fundamental when moving, so it is important to adopt sustainable actions at this time: reuse the materials At this time, it is essential to try to reuse as much as possible the materials used when moving and working only with recyclable materials that can be reused in other ways or in other changes makes a lot of difference.
“We work with the best in packaging for all items for a move, we use tissue paper, we also supply and use cardboard boxes in different sizes for packing and storing clothes, decorative objects, housewares, and delicate items in general. All of this material used can be recycled”, comments the sales manager at Iugas Moving and Transport, Eduardo Avelar.
Stickers There are already excellent alternatives on the market for your sustainable change. Eco-friendly adhesives (cellophane or paper) are great options for sealing boxes. Schedule To generate less waste during your move, you need to think about all the planning that goes from pre-move to post.
“We make a list with the items and dimension the sizes of the volumes, this will also help to save the materials needed for packaging”, explains the manager. It is also important not to dispose of recyclable materials in any way and if in doubt, inform the contracted company, so you will be able to make your move in a sustainable way. do away with excess It is extremely important to organize the moving items with identification of what is no longer used.
According to Avelar, it is important to separate important items and objects that will be discarded. Can be sold or donated to a charity. green transport Look for a home removal company that values sustainability as much as you do. Among the actions, tracing routes with less impact, new vehicles that pollute less. To read the full article, access the link Sustainability at the time of change - Gazeta da Semana